3 types of wines are produce at Boutinet, the winery is nestles on a clay-limestone hillside which makes the ideal wine for production. Merlot is the king of grapes variety. All of our wines are made with 100 % Merlot


le Clairet de Boutinet : not a rosé but a Claret comes from an English time, we wanted to follow the tradition with this fruity and fresh wine to taste between friends

 Château Boutinet : the wine for pleasure, to share with friends. 100% Merlot. It ages in stainless vat, no oak at all.

 Thalie de Boutinet : This is our special cuvée. 100% Merlot. It ages between 12 to 15 months in oak barrels. Thalie was a muse in Greek Time, she was a muse of the Comedy. If you come to visit Bordeaux and its beautifull Opera House, you will see Thalie. It is also Nathalie's nickname.