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We currently produce 100% Merlot wines. And for cause, nestled on an limestone clay hillside facing South, our property offers an exceptional terroir, ideal for Merlot.  More than ever concerned, both the quality of our grape varieties and the environment and human health, we have begun since 2014 to work without pesticide and herbicide.  We offer "pleasure" wines, "friends" wines. Round without being bold, fruity and in finesse, the wines of Boutinet will delight your palate and those of your guests.
Have a good tasting !


The Clairet de Boutinet

This wine derives its name from the Claret of Bordeaux, born at the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine in the 12th century. It is a wine typical of the Bordeaux region, tradition that we wanted to perpetuate.  Le Bordeaux Clairet is a red wine with a short maceration, the colour of which is between red and rosé. Synonymous with conviviality, it is the ideal companion of your aperitifs or meal with friends. If you like spicy food, the  Bordeaux Clairet is the perfect wine !

A wine of pleasure, less sweet than Rosé, to be tasted fresh, around a barbecue, accompanied by a salad, cold meats or meals. 

The Château Boutinet, an affordable Bordeaux red wine.
The Bordeaux wines are usually very powerfull; we wanted to make the difference and offer you a real fruit wine, characteristic of our terroir. We wanted a quality wine, balanced, all in simplicity. A wine that reflects the spirit of Château Boutinet, friendly, shared with those we love.  With its intense red colour and pronounced fruity flavour, the "Château Boutinet" will surely seduce your buds. Vinified in tank, its tannins are supple and silky in the mouth. 
The Thalie de Boutinet, the Bordeaux Tradition

Our special cuvée, the Thalie de Boutinet, is a fruity, fresh wine, combined with a fine and elegant woody. A 100% merlot wine, assembled with part of our press wine. It ages in barrel of a single wine for 15 months. We avoided the new barrels to create a beautiful balance between the fruit and the wood.

… Our wines of tomorrow

Our future white wines

 We have planted about 2,5 acres to produce a dry white wine. Bordeaux grape varieties such as Sauvignon Gris and Sémillon,  will be associated with others of the Loire Valley such as Chenin and Chardonnay. This cuvée will be called Cuvée Jériko, like the name of our lovely dog, our faithful comrade.

Staying in the spirit that is ours, the production will be participatory, like crowd fundiing. You will be able to follow the entire cycle of the vine and recover the year following the bottles of your production. Pruning, drawing of wood, folding, manual harvesting will no longer have any secrets for you.

Another novelty: the vinification will be done in jars made with the land of the parcel, like the famous "Dolia", a kind of amphorae already used in Judea a few thousand years before Christ to precisely vinify and conserve the wine. We are based on a production of 2000 to 3000 bottles, 

The first vintage; 2021.