Château Boutinet, where nature and the human are at the heart of our concerns
A warm and friendly welcome
Conviviality is the master word at Château Boutinet. We make sure that people who visit our domain feel at home. Our goal is not simply to make wine but to welcome to the property. We chose this pleasant place to live there but also to receive and make new encounters. That's why our wines are friends' wines, made to be tasted with family or alone. We wanted them to be fine and fruity in order to go with the aperitifs and the meals best.

A respectful approach of our environment 

We have always considered ourselves as tenants of the ground and therefore guaranters of the one we will leave to our children. That is why we have been practicing reasoned agriculture since our arrival.  We have actually begun to apply the principles of organic farming since 2013. At weeding we prefer to plow the soil. It's a long job but it drastically reduces the use of chemicals. Since 2017, we have started an organic conversion with the ECOCERT certification. 

Our goal is to go towards biodynamics. That's why it was important for me, Nathalie, to take a training in herbal medicine to better understand my environment and use the resources with more sense. The construction of a yurt, made up of wood and salvage materials, has come to support our approach to respect for the environment. A clear dome of light brings brightness in all seasons. It provides additional ventilation to the doors and windows. This is a true ecological approach. In fact, less than 5 tons of materials are needed to achieve a structure of 80usable throughout the year. 90% of the weight of a yurt consisting of unprocessed solid wood assembly (no glue), the remaining 10% are insulators in large majority from recycling industry and almost entirely recyclable. 

Château Boutinet ON TV, 

Relive in podcast the emission "Echappées Belles"  and find yourself between the 33rd and 35th minute!