Practicing Yoga brings you into the moment so that you can appreciate one life’s great pleasure, which is Wine.

We offer a one hour Yoga class, with postures and special breathings in order to open your chakras, to help the energy flow and stimulate your intuition. You can be a new-born Yogi or an experimented one, this class is designed for everyone J. Our purpose is to give you a relaxing time to open your heart and enjoy even more what’s next.

Yoga encourages you to focus and concentrate, and being fully present helps you absorb more of the knowledge that comes with a vineyard-style flow, like the full process behind what you’re about to drink!

We can call it a mindful wine tasting! You have to try the benefits of hitting the mat and grabbing a glass.

During 1 hour I will offer you a yoga class based on breathing techniques and relaxation. You will take

 45 minutes to practice yoga postures

 15 minutes in the yoga mat to meditate. I will be there to explain a bit how it works.

 30 minutes to taste 2 wines

 30 minutes to discover the vineyard and winery (on the way to be certified Organic)

 At the end of this practice you will be completely relaxed to start the wine tasting with me. After meditation your mind is in the present, it will be a mindful wine tasting!

At the end, after benefits of the red wine and the meditation, you will end the workshop 100% relaxed and full of knowledge!

Mindful meditation and mindful wine tasting can be combined together ? You will know the answer at the end !

 Price : 45 euros/person